To spoke, or not to spoke - that's the question...

As the Rubber Fist is test fitting the new suit, different alternatives are being brought to the table. General consensus seems to be spoked wheels. Do you agree?


Euro style speedchopper

This just rolled out of a Finnish garage, just in time for the first big show this spring. Some of you might remember this bike from few years back, this was the white/blue monoshock monster with chopped engine case. Old showbikes never die, they just come back better than ever!

And as a reminder, here's the same bike just two years ago (photo by Siver Olsson)...




Jesse took himself time to work on his ironhead, and just as any Sportster Chopping Bastard, ended the day with little daydreaming of rides to come.


It's springtime at the Fink Cave...

....and look what just crawled out! Bastard co-operation at it's finest, Casey painted a tank that was perfect fit for the Finkster and Loaf helped Tom to get some American Speedshop pegs.


Wonky is ready for summer

Justin, our crazy Canadian, buttoned his Sporty up with Buell heads, pistons and cams. Look out, now the bike is almost as crazy as it's owner!


It's the little things...

Only small changes but Corn's bike is now totally different animal and ready for the summer!

Polished and Laced:




Rubber Fist is a bike that has stayed in the Bastard family for it's whole life. Now in Cooker's loving care it's getting yet another new tank. Watch this space for updates on upcoming paintjob!



Jay Spcl'79 takes a new approach to familiar subject. Not only do these stainless collars look good, they also give needed support to the joints.