Lowbrow Getdown

Stoned hippies mixes with drunken bikers - life is good, huh?


Quad Cams on Ice

Those crazy Finns don't let their Sportsters rest even in winter. That's when they start racing on ice!



Some pics of one of the last Foundation bikes were found and they deserve being shown to public. Such a nice chopper.


Rhum Runner on the run

After some front end issues, Justin finally got his Ironhead chop out for a test ride. 

Getting ready to hit the road

Vin is getting ready to ride to Bastard Bash, first up a little comfier seat.

Then quick release highway pegs.

And finally a windscreen to match the appearance of his chop.


Pretty picture:

                                                              Kustom Jeff

Back on the road

Peter and his hardtailed evo Sporty


Decisions, decisions...

Should Tasha go with high or low pipes? Both look good...