Rhum Runner on the road

Justin, the Crazy Canadian, survived the Bash with no brakes and is back north where he destroys the neighborhood on his beautiful chopper. The girder was meant as temporary solution only, but it's kinda growing on him.


It's not the destination, but the journey

Some of the folks decided to ride to the Bash, DJ flew in from the west coast to meet Rich in Illinois and Vin started out from NYC and they all met Stretch in the middle. These guys had a great two day ride together before getting to Deals Gap. Not even occasional rain could dampen their spirits.

Fix it as you go...

Stopping for directions.

These guys even did some hillclimbing along the way - there's Rich's bike at the bottom of the trail!


Night of the long bikes

After clearing some room in his shop, Steve is finally ready to start on his "Project 69". This is going to be one sweet Ironhead chopper!


Bash pics - Saturday

It's already a tradition to visit the Wheels Through Time museum on Saturday. This year was no exception. Matt even let them park on the grass.

Back at the resort, it was time for a Half Case Kustoms art show - all of these tanks (and a helmet) have been painted by our very own Casey Walkwitz. Too bad he couldn't make it this year.

Cooker and Jessica had prepared a HUGE bbq - plenty to feed every bastard in attendance. Thanks to you both!

After dinner, more riding...

Different strokes, for different folks...

KC was given the prestigious "Bench Surfer" award, crafted by master of the trade, Nate himself. 

And some more riding...

All pics in this post by Kustom Jeff Dailey - stay tuned for more!


Bastard Bash - Friday

Normally Friday at the Bash is the day when the biggest group arrives, there's bikes going back and forth with people hitting the Dragon before it gets dark. This year was bit different...

But rain didn't put the mood down as people gathered under a roof to meet and greet and just hang with each other.

Eventually the rain stopped and there was still time to catch a ride or two on the Dragon.

More people arrived and everybody was happy to see each other after a long year.

All pictures by Kustom Jeff Dailey.


Bastard Bash - Thursday

Small group had already arrived on Wednesday but Thursday was THE day for Bash goers to start rolling in. Pics below by Kustom Jeff.

Justin, the Crazy Canadian, had just ridden the Cherahola Skyway with no brakes other than his feet so Rich decided it might be better to fix'em up before letting him on the Dragon.

Justin helping as much as he could while entertaining onlookers with a tale of his adventure.

Cass received a surprise gift from Aaron, Rich and Tasha. 

And some riding took place before it got dark.


Ready for Bash pics?

There will be a motherload of pics from the Bash once this group is safely back home. Stay tuned...


Hayride, UK

Stunning Quad Cams are an international thing.

Choppers - they're for riding!


US 129, 318 curves in 11 miles...

If you've been there, you know it. BASTARD BASH!!! (this weekend)